Driving test

Booking your driving test

If you are booking your driving theory test or practical test it is important that you do so through the official gov uk website. According to the Driving Authority there are numerous websites that act as a booking agent but which charge you extra for the “extra services|” that they offer such as guaranteed pass schemes etc. There is no need to book via a 3rd party – it will probably cost you more. Unfortunately if you search Google for “theory test booking” you will find a number of these sites and may be fooled into thinking they are the official booking site. Remember – only go for the official gov uk site here.
Make sure that you find the best driving school you can to give you the best possible chance of passing. Starsla Driving School offer quality driving lessons with high pass rate.

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PPI Claims

Big in the news for the last year or so has been PPI Claims. Many financial providers were guilty of misselling payments protection insurance alongside their other financial products. Bank and building society staff frequently sold PPI alongside credit card deals or loan agreements without sufficient regard as to whether the payments protection insurance was suitable for the customer. So loads of people bought PPI when they didn’t need it or sometimes didn’t even understand that it was part of the agreement.

Following a judicial review, the banks and other providers have started to pay back what people have paid in their premiums. They do not require you to employ a solicitor as you can contact the bank or buiding society direct. However, there are plenty of PPI Claim Companies that will help you make your claim. They will normally charge between 12% and 25% of the total recovered.

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HP Laptop cable

Sadly the person on ebay in Carlisle repairing my hpdv2000 didn’t do a good job.

Parking at olympic park

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Getting a Mortgage

Having been in the enviable position of being a house owner with no mortgage, I now find myself with major house repairs to be done and no money to do them. In other words I need a loan to enable me to replace the roof on my house. If you are in a regular job, employed by someone else then getting a loan for a large amount of money as a homeowner is relatively straight-forward. What you need is a mortgage or secured loan. Interest rates are relatively low (around four percent). However, if like me you are self employed, things can be a little more tricky. These days mortgage lenders generally need to see your self assessment tax returns. The days of self-certified mortgages seem to be over. So generally you need your self assessment returns and your letters from the taxman to prove your income.

How much can you borrow?
In general it seems that mortgage lenders are willing to lend around three times a single persons annual income. If there are two earners applying for a joint mortgae, the rate is closer to 2.5 times the joint income. Borrowing against a mortgage offers a low rate of interest but if you don’t make the payments your home is at risk.

For a smaller loan it may be better to get an unsecured loan. The payments may be higher but you won’t lose your home if you default.

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Congrats to NZ & France

Well done to New Zealand and France for reaching the Rugby World Cup finals. New Zealand won a great encounter with Australia which really should have been the final. Sadly the best three teams in the tournament were fromthe southern hemisphere and the seeding system meant that only one could reach the final. Everyone wil be expecting them to over-run the French.
France meanwhile put in a mediocre performance to reach the final. They certainly didn’t seem to be as up for it as they were in the quarters against England. Pubs, clubs and bars throughout the principality were packed with expectant Wales fans who were disappointed with both the result and the manner in which it happened.

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