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We will give you information about important money matters, best credit card deals, saving money on what you’re spending and maximizing the money you’ve got. Best mobile phone and broadband deals. If you’re a virgin when it comes to money, we’re here to help!

They say that money makes the world go round. So make the most of it and try to get that bit of extra value foir money! Don’t waste it on excessive interest payments and low paying savings accounts.


What prospects for the FTSE this year? Recent years have not been great for share prices. From summer onwards the market was dragged down by the financial sector in the wake of the sub prime mortgage crisis in America and the Northern Rock crisis in the UK caused by Northern Rock being unable to borrow short term. 2009 saw shares open around 4400 and add about 1000 points during the year.


Growth in house prices has been mixed, with constant scares about the possibility of an end to the housing market bubble. Mortgage Interest rate rises have also taken some pressure out of the market. With record earnings to loan ratios for lenders, there could be some casualties. There are still some extra good fixed rate mortgage deals around.


Inflation is staying low for the time being – bad news for savers but good news for borrowers!


If you’re looking for best buy bank accounts, personal loans and credit cards it’s worth shopping around to enable you to make the best money savings.

You’ve probably seen all the adverts on the TV about claiming back your PPI. We ll did you know that you don’t have to use the services of a PPI claims management service. Instead using a template letter you can make the PPI claim yourself – a great money saving opportunity!

There are many “price comparison” sites for financial products such as money supermarket co uk, and uswitch. Many of these sites earn commision when you click through. Our best buy sections come into this category. In addition, they do not necessarily list all the options available or take into account all the circumstances that are relevant to you. For instance Direct Line have chosen to opt out from these price comparison sites, because they claim you are then paying a middle man.

Our aim is not to promote any specific product but rather to give you the background information in a clear and concise format to enable you to make your own informed decisions. We provide a series of money related articles that are easy to read and understand. We will help you in unscrambling which credit card is best for you, what kind of loan to get and best paying bank current accounts. If you’re looking to dabble in the stock market, check out the share buying guide for the information you need, and what kind of mortgage is best for you.

Mobile phones

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